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Lake Gogebic Snowobile Trails Jan 16

Lake Gogebic Snowobile Trails Jan 16

Busy, busy weekend….lots of snowmobile traffic out on the Lake Gogebic trails and lot of visitors in town.    We’ve had reports of snowmobilers blowing through some of the stop signs on the railroad grade and such.  Not only is this dangerous to yourselves, but to others who might be entering those intersections.  We ask please that you observe the stop signs.  The law enforcement is aware of this problem and will be cracking down on those acting so irresponsibly.    Don’t be careless. Not. Even. Once.    I witnessed one horrific accident this season in Ironwood and that is more than enough – thank you very much!!

Also – need to mention that access from the Walleye Lodge to Lake Gogebic is limited to our guests and customers only!    Unless you are staying at the lodge – please don’t use that feeder trail to cut through the Lodge to get to Lake Gogebic.

Enough and now on to our trails –– which are pretty dang good right about now (on the North Shore of the Lake).   Big shout out to Gabe and his crew who took a ride from the Lodge to Houghton yesterdaay and sent back their reports all day long.!      Also, want to say a huge thank you to Rick Hissum our trail boss who is extremely passionate about making sure that you have the best trails to ride.    We have the most traffic – and we have to work the hardest to keep things good!

  • Trail 13 South of the Root Cellar about one mile in the middle of the trail between 2 and Root Cellar – the trail is showing bare and there are some rocks. Majority of the trail is fair to good.  Will be groomed tomorrow.
  • Trail 1 from Marenisco to State Line is bare to fair. Lots of bare spots/rocks.   Needs more snow.
  • Marenisco to Gogebic Lodge & fFshtales – good at best – also needs ore snow.
  • Corridor 1 and 8 West – the trail is groomed every night. Tons of traffic.  Had riders in that rode it this morning and said it was excellent.  By noon it is rough and good at best.
  • 8 East – same thing as above.
  • There’s a stretch 3 miles before Ewen that needs more snow; it is rocky and has bare spots.
  • 13 North is groomed nightly and riders also said that it was excellent this morning.
  • 102 will be groomed tonight.
  • Groomers continue to run nightly.

We have the Mallard open this weekend – nothing next weekend – and February is filling up fast!   Give us a call to get the rooms  you want!!!

Shiny side up and have a blast!

Jim & MB

Dec 15th

Dec 15th

On the North end it snowed another 6-8″ overnight and it’s still snowing.   Groomers have been out on Trails 1 North to White Pine; 8 West to Ewen; and 13 North.    If you are out riding – please use good judgment.   Send us your photos and updates to!    Merry Christmas everyone!   … Continue Reading

Lake Gogebic Trail Report

Lake Gogebic Trail Report

Good Morning and Happy Friday from all of us on Lake Gogebic!  We all know that snowmobile trails are scheduled to “officially” December 1 – however, that is just not going to happen.   We received a lot of snow early last month, but out of the 30 plus inches that fell in early November, almost all of… Continue Reading

November 22, 2017

We’ve received two good bouts of snow – and a total of about 18″ over the last 10 days.   What we really need now are some good strong cold temperatures for numerous consecutive days to firm up the ground before we start dancing for Mother Nature to turn on the snow machine.   Trails… Continue Reading - Fishing Information Network          Snowmobiling in Lake Gogebic Michigan near Bergland in Gogebic and Ontonagon County          Lake Gogebic Michigan resort vacation cottage, cabin, lodging rental on beautiful Lake Gogebic in Ontonagon County, Bergland Township, Gogebic County, Marenisco Township of Michigan at The Timbers Resort.          Outdoor Network - Website Design, Hosting & Marketing

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