Lake Gogebic Trail Update – Dec 23

Lake Gogebic Trail Update – Dec 23

Today is the “day before the night before Christmas” and Jim, Anthony and I are settling in to our last couple of days before we welcome the season – snowmobile season that is!    Gogebic Area Grooming has been working very hard to get re-routes in place and fix some really challenging areas and thanks to all their hard work and efforts we are going to have some very acceptable trails to ride right after Christmas.     We’ve done our part – now Mother Nature needs to do hers.    Snow and Cold is what the forecast is calling for and what we are all preparing for up here on Lake Gogebic.

Sign up for our newsletter at on the home page as I’ll hopefully be sending out our Holiday newsletter (which was a Christmas newsletter until a couple days ago!)  I’ll have some photos of the renovations that Jim has been up to!


  • Trail 8 west of M64 are still wet and have not had a groomer.
  • Trail 1 North of West Shore Resort is closed because of logging.
  • Lake needs a few more nights to freeze – check conditions before heading out.
  • If you are out riding, please use caution as these wet areas can come up quickly.

SEASONAL REMINDERS:  We just ask that you please read and observe the following as we just want to ensure a safe and fun experience for you and your families:

  • Michigan Snowmobile Association has had a lot of calls about trespassing. Contrary to some beliefs snowmobiles are not allowed on power lines, gas lines or other utility corridors unless it is a marked groomed trail! If that is the case, the Grant Sponsor has been granted permission to have the trail there.   It could make riding a lot less fun is permission were ever to be revoked.
  • Boondocking: We know that boondocking has become a big hit with many snowmobilers, but if you are going to boondock, it’s your responsibility to KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!   Just because you see a track do not assume that you are legal to ride there!    Do not ride the railroad grade, or the highway on M28 as you will be ticketed.
  • Follow the proper routes and comply with right of ways. Private and public parking lots are not there for your convenience.   Please be respectful of private property and business owners who maintain their properties 12 months a year.     If it’s not a designated snowmobile route, or not intended for your use – please don’t go there!
  • In some instances, if the land is owned by the State of Michigan, you can ride there, but don’t assume if it is owned by the National Forest that applies also. It DOES not, and you will be ticketed.
  • Ensure that you are following all traffic rules and complying with signage.   It a sign says stop – it means that you should come to a full and complete stop!   It does not mean that you should slow down and look both ways. It means to stop completely.    Please be safe – we don’t want anyone getting hurt.     This is a sport – intended to be fun.
  • In this early season stay off any ice as it’s 8” in some spots and 2” in others with slushy areas. There are fishermen in the bay, but not in the big lake.
  • Please don’t drink and ride! We want you coming back every year!!!

We will update trail and ice conditions on Tuesday morning, December 26th and until then you may email us at iceman@walleyelodge .

May you and your families have a wonderful holiday season and we will look forward to seeing you soon!

Jim, Mary Beth and Anthony


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