Lake Gogebic Area has received over 50” of snow so far this season and it looks like this weekend is going to bring about more! Trails open Dec. 1st and we’ve received a lot of calls about coming up to ride – it’s EARLY SEASON which translates into rough terrain, wet spots and groomers still working on trails.

Take note to the changes to our following trails – some of which are temporary changes and some of which are permanent.

• Trail 102: there is a new reroute about 4 miles before trail 11. The trail is marked well and the reroute was a very nice turn out. (Temporary Re-Route)

• Trail 13 North: Trail will start on Trail 13 towards Rockland from Trail 8 just East of Bergland. (Permanent Re-Route)

• Trail 13 South has logging. The first part of December, you will have to run East Shore road all the way past the Root Cellar. When the logging is done, we can open it back up, which may take us into the New Year. (Temporary Re-Route)

o Past the Root Cellar, there is more logging. You will have to travel on East Shore Rd approximately 2 mile further then before to get back onto trail 13. A new reroute will take place. Please follow the signs marked 13. (Permanent Re-Route for the 2019-2020 Season).

• Trail 100: Logging is happening between Stagecouch Rd and the Slate River (very end of Lake Gogebic) Marshall Creek Bridge has been fixed so you can get to Marenisco from trail 100. (Permanent for 2019-2020 season)

• Trail 1 from Trail 100 to Trail 8: Closed until further notice as logging is taking place until the end of December. You still can access the Gogebic Lodge and we plan to maintain it up to the Lodge, so we can get up and running to open Trail 1
o Gogebic Area Groomers are in the process of doing a reroute to the Ethelwood Grade and up to M-28 onto Trail 8. (Temporary)

• Currently, the only way to get from Bergland to Marenisco is take Trail 13 to 100 to Marenisco or 13 to Trail 2.

• Marenisco area is in good shape far as where the trails are going to stay from the past years.

Lake Gogebic travel is not recommended as ice just went on a few weeks ago!!!